Michael van Gestel works as a Supervisor Content Management / Document Expert at Keesing Technologies.
Michael has accumulated extensive knowledge of ID documents. He is an expert in the field of ID document authentication. For many years, he has worked in government positions at the Dutch Immigration Office and the Forgery Department at Schiphol Airport.  Michael has built a strong expertise in the investigation of document fraud at borders, especially fraud cases concerning travelers crossing borders.
The past years, Michael has worked as an International Document Trainer at the Expertise Centre Identity Fraud and Documents (ECID), sharing his knowledge by providing ID Document Authentication training for, among others, embassies, consulates, airlines, security agencies, immigration offices and police departments all over the globe.

In 2014, Michael launched the ID Academy together with his document expert colleagues. The ID Academy is a knowledge and education centre providing in-depth and valuable information on ID documents, document verification, design and development, testing, security features, printing techniques and fraud prevention.

december, 2018

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